Q.E.D. Typing Services work from handwritten or typed sources. You can fax or post your text to us, or alternatively scanned images of your text can be sent via email attachment. We will undertake anything from single page letters to large manuscripts. Whatever the size, all jobs receive the same commitment and attention to detail from our staff.

If your text is HANDWRITTEN please make it as clear as possible. It is helpful if any technical words/terminology are PRINTED so there is little room for error in deciphering. All of our work is carried out by an experienced, qualified typist to the highest of standards. Below are examples of the type of work we undertake Manuscripts, Theses, Dissertations, Letters, Reports, Manuals, Minutes, Tables, Leaflets, CVs, Quotations, Business Accounts,

Copy Typing

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Original sources, hand-written, typed, printed, faxed or via email. Reports, Theses, Dissertations, Training Course Handouts, Minutes, Letters, Invoices and Statements typed. We predominantly type to Microsoft Word. Lists and other such tabulated details can be created using Word; Excel or Access.



We copy type your information and professionally layout C.V. for you. C.V. details include: • Name & Address • Contact telephone, Email address • Education & Qualification • Work History • Hobbies/Interests • References More

I.D. Cards & Complimentary Slips

We copy type your information or redesign your I.D. cards, printed in colour and laminated. More


Here is our collection of Best Restaurant Menu Designs. No matter what sort of Restaurant menu you are working on, or how huge its menu is, We design it